3 Trillion Meals to the homeless!

We are pleased to announce a giant milestone in our long-term goals, we have donated more than 3 trillion meals to the homeless as of 1/1/15. This is a exciting news, for many reasons. It shows we are able to make a difference thanks to generous patrons who donate and our sponsors. Bringing the right people together can truly make a difference, as we have changed the lives of many who are down on their luck. We have given millions hot meals to not only give them hope, but help them survive the hard times that have befell them. Being homeless is becoming an epidemic in many countries around the world today, and its no surprise more people are needed more help. Our goal to do all we can do, like give charitably to those less fortunate, will stand to be our motto for years to come. Its thanks to donations and sponsor money that we can help anyone out there who needs a meal for the night, and their spirits lifted. We will continue this mission and move forward with more fundraisers, soup kitchens, clinics, seminars, and other ways to raise awareness and help everyone out. Later this year, around June 2015, we hope to reveal some of our major 5 year goals to achieve, including things like trillions of more meals sold, and how we plan to get the money to accomplish these ambitious goals. If you wish to help us in our mission, consider attending fundraisers or straight up donating to our PayPal account. For ever $100 we raise, no matter through what medium, our sponsors will donate $50 on top of there initial donations. So, for example, if we raise $20,000 in donations alone, just 2 of our sponsors would kick in an extra $20,000 on top of whatever they decide to donate. This is the kind of innovation and teamwork we require to truly make a difference, and without all of you, this would not be possible. For all monthly supporters, we plan to add a perk system so you can receive benefits for making a difference in this world!

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